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Forced Sissification Assignments
Assignment 1 - Picture Perfect
Assignment 2 - What kind of sissy might you become?
Assignment 3 - Shop till you drop (from humiliation)
Assignment 4 - Pretty fun! (for Me)
Assignment 5 - Kiss, lick, suck

Chat session transcripts
Forced sissification chat session
(after reading this you will BEG ME to have a session like this with you!)

Chatting with the WIFE of one of My dominated submissive sissies
(you won't believe where this one ends up!)

Sissification Blackmail Entrapment Game
Combining two of My favorite fetishes!!
Be careful -- or before you even realize what has happened, you will be both pantied and blackmailed!!
I'm having guests over to My house for a party tonight.
And YOU are going to serve as My sissy maid!
OK sissy boi --
Time for Me to dress you up as My sissy maid!

-- Forced sissification/forced fem recordings --
My thoughts/feelings/experiences
related to forced sissification

Rules that all My sissies must live by

Forcibly Sissifying the Panty Thief
Listen -- as I forcibly sissify YOU after catching you caressing a pair of My frilliest panties!

Reflections of what it means for a boy to be a submissive sissy

Do superior GODdesses like Me really LIKE submissive sissies
(and do we like to turn boys into girls)?

(Who will be ...)
My first FULLY feminized sissy
(yes -- by "fully" I mean hormones and everything)

The sissy humiliation contest
(A real-life tale from My senior year in High School):
Listen as I describe what a friend and I did when we decided to have a little contest
to see who could get a guy to do the most humiliating thing.

My All Original
Forced Fem Tales

OK -- yes they are all original. But no -- I didn't write them. They were all written by a creative and very prolific slave. And they are GOOD! If you are a fan of forced fem stories, you will gobble them up, one after another after another. (And each ptv is just $8).

The Sissy Transformation Academy
Sam is forced to enroll in Miss Jackson's academy for troublesome young men -- an academy where the curriculum is focused on obedience and feminisation.

The Shemale Experiment Project
A group of young women decide, as their project for a university class, to see whether than can transform a young man into a shemale.

Hitching a Ride
Don's hitch-hiking takes him someplace where he never expected (and never wanted) to go -- into a world of strict female domination, bondage, and forced male feminisation.

How I Transformed My Husband Into A Woman
A wife describes the process by which she turned her husband into her totally feminised and cuckolded sissy.

Becoming a Nurse
Andrew's fate is sealed when the decision is made to turn him into "Nurse Andrea"